Remove Planning Tata Nano Hybrid Cars

Remove Planning Tata Nano Hybrid Cars
Tata Group plans to produce a hybrid version of the cheap car Nano. This is to answer the demands of world ' s cheapest car and will be environmentally friendly too, so Ratan Tata, Chairman of Tata Group in an interview with a newspaper in South Korea as reported by Reuters.

Ratan Tata, verbal the car at a low price will bring a lot of demand compared with eminent - priced cars. In addition to fated challenges is cheaper environmentally friendly. Nano car since July and has reached the consumers in India with the price of 2000 U. S. dollars per unit. Ratan Tata did not bring out when the hybrid version of the cheap car would be launched.

Tata Group is the largest automobile energy in India, over exporting rich trucks " Transcendent " to South Korea, trick grouping the model in South Korea works. Craft Tata Group currently sweeping the software, generosity, and and biofuels for the U. S. market, as trim as Brazil and Argentina.

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