Nissan and Renault Opens Factory in India

Nissan and Renault Opens Factory in India
Japanese auto companies, Nissan and France, joined Renault opened a new factory in Chennai, southern India. This release Associated Press, Wednesday (17 / 3). In the opening ceremony of the executive director of the Renault-Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, expressed his belief adds sales figures in India has a population of 1.1 billion people.

Ghosn added India is committed to grow the economy in the transportation sector, which last year recorded sales of more than 1.8 million vehicles. So far, Ghosn said, Nissan's sales in the country every year Bolywood reach about 200 to 500 cars.

While sources say the Associated Press combined worth of U.S. manufacturers $ 990 million or approximately USD $ 9.9 Trillion is claimed to produce more than 400,000 vehicles in 2015. Planned sub-compact Nissan car, Mikra launched starting this May by absorbing approximately 1,500 workers. While production of Renault Koleos cars and Fluence scheduled to begin production later in 2011.

Also Renault and Nissan also plans to cooperate with Bajaj Indian automotive company produces super-cheap car, Nano car to rival the production of automotive company Tata Motors, which can be affordable for middle-income communities. The presence of Nissan and Renault adds diperkiraka fierce competition with Japanese car companies are already there before like Suzuki, Honda and Toyota

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