Seeing the Car Ride Bung Karno

Seeing the car ride Bung Karno
Entering the end of 2009, a number of old car enthusiasts organizations Homeland classic car exhibition is claimed to be the biggest car show in Indonesia. Hundreds of vintage cars from within and abroad participate in the exhibition showing the titled Otoblitz International Classic Car Show ( OICC ), at the Balai Kartini, Jakarta 23 until December 27, 2009.

One of the cars on flourish is a Ford Model T prepared in 1908. When you incipient launched, the car is a symbol of the early rise of the terrene automotive industry. Chrysler and exhibited 52 Cadillac Fleetwood Limo and Limo, which is the accredited ride antique cars of former Forerunner Sukarno. Viewed from the trait, all the old cars are maintained by the mechanism aspect is still finest.

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