Car production to Ford's Internet

Car production to Fords Internet
Ford says next year will launch the Ford Sync Type newest generation of devices equipped with Internet access and entertainment. This device uses a mobile broadband modem via USB. The wireless connection is safe and capable of supporting several other electronic devices simultaneously.

" When you ' re driving to grandma ' s cave, your spouse may complete the holiday shopping and the kids boundness chat with friends and update their Facebook profiles. The attainment of this technology, you organize not hold to recompense seeing fresh phone pittance or hold other hardware that you own posses " spoken Mark Fields, Ford' s U. S. counsellor to demonstrate to CNN, Saturday ( 26 / 12 )

Ford plans to produce cars hold seven Internet connectivity move and SUV models. But unfortunately, no further explanation which does not wish to okay to the Internet or operation other hardware on the appearance of the modem.

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