BMW Mini Electric Car Production 2015

BMW Mini Electric Car Production 2015
Hybrid-powered vehicles and electric consumers seem more attractive. In addition to the fuel efficient, so saving money, are also environmentally friendly. Mini-sized electric cars that could explore as far as 120 miles with only 4 batteries charged enough for 4 hours, seems to be the future of consumer choice.

This is an idea that would work with BMW. As written in Times, 20 person mini-car enthusiasts in the UK, has signed up to try a prototype electric car Mini (Mini E) for 6 months, and then reported what they found during that drive. Similar testing will be continued next year, before BMW decided to produce and market electric-powered mini car in 2015.

What is interesting from the "Mini E"? Manufacturer BMW insists, it produced cars will be different with all the electric cars on the market. "Mini E" BMW will still be visible as a car "mini", and not look like a toy car which has now been much produced.

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