Modification Muffler no Noise

Issues while jockey Robbie exhaust emissions voice in Bandung, perhaps say a bad impact on producers and sellers muffler racing. Market expectations continue to dwindle. Evidence that the exhaust noise is no longer dilirik. "Spirit! Declines 70% "squall Asep Hendro skipper exhaust from the AHRS Leonard in the Earth Housing Ampel, Depok. Of course it must take quickly by the muffler racing carnage. If cuek, sales would continue to decline. Need new strategies to muffle. The play problem with the sound effect design muffler. As some producers have made certain exhaust also a new designer.

Take the example of exhaust YY Pang, or TDR Racing designed still racing (picture 1). To mute the sound thatcher and noisy, exhaust spout cover features similar to the middle perforated pan. "Design is claimed voiced fine and little ngebas. If you want to sound big, stopper tied stay bolts removed, "said Johnny Lipurnomo, the seller exhaust the model of the Custom World store in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta.

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