Gagi Exhaust Carbon Circulating in the Market

Their noisy exhaust not only muzzle muffler rely cover or plug valve bamboo, too. Now outstanding muffler shops that carbon seems able to muffle the sound. The selling price of around Rp 250-600 thousand.
The Spitfire exhaust tube that reducer plated carbon fiber. "Guaranteed ngebass albeit without bullets glasswool thick. Stock for all types of motorcycle 4-stroke, "sure EM Cholig, punggawa King Motor on Jl. Raya Hamilton, Kreo, Tangerang.
Imanuddin, D2 Racing leader also throw a variation of carbon exhaust brand D2 to duck 4-stroke racing and Satria F-150. Analysis of the senior drivers, "I quickly exhaust tube heat. Obviously, the more cool the motor show, "said Iman opening a store on Jl. KH Mas Mansyur, no. 81B, Central Jakarta. If of the exhaust carbon import kinds Yoshimura, Arrow and Two Brothers no difference. "We still make aluminum tube with carbon be. If I can direct carbon, but the results so fragile and easy to crack, "Faith bill.

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