5 Recipes Success Japanese Buildings

1. Working Hard
It is no secret that Japan is a nation of hard workers. Average working hours employees in Japan is 2,450 hours / year, is very high compared with the (1957 hours /year), Great Britain (1911 hours / year), Germany (1870 hours / year) and France (1680 hours /year). An official Japan can produce a car in 9 days, while officials in other countries require 47 days to make the car worth the same. A Japanese workers can be do the work usually done by 5-6 people. Home quickly is something that to be "quite disgraceful" in Japan, and indicates that the officers, including the not required "by the company.
2. Same
Malu is the ancestral culture and the Japanese people from generation to generation. (suicide with a thrust knife to the stomach) to the ritual since the samurai era, when they lose and fight. Entrance to the modern world, little changed phenomenon to "stand down" for officials (ministry, politicians, etc.), which involved problems of corruption or failed to feel duty. Possible negative effects of children's elementary school, junior high, which sometimes suicide, because the value is bad does not rise or class. Because ashamed also, the Japanese prefer to choose a detour of the drivers behind the cut line in the middle of the road. They embarrassed to the environment if they violate the rules or norms that have become general agreement.
3. Scrimp
Japanese people have the spirit of frugal living in Carey. no-consumerism attitude of excessive. This visible in the various fields of life. In the early start of life in Japan, I once great surprise to many Japanese people crowded shopping in supermarkets around the clock at 19:30. After some investigation, it has become a regular thing that supermarkets in Japan will cut the price to halve the time about a half hour before closing. As Supermarkets in Japan that the average closed at 20:00.
4. Loyalty
Loyalty system to make a career in running a company and fit neatly. Few with a different system in the United States and Europe, Japanese people rarely move the switch - job. They usually survive on one or two companies until retirement. This may be the implications of the industry in which most Japanese would only accept fresh graduate, who then students and practicing their own in accordance with the (core business) companies.
5. Innovation
Japanese inventor is not the nation, but the Japanese have a surplus in the findings and meracik and then marketing it in the form of interest by the community. Interesting read stories Akio Morita that Sony developed the Walkman melegenda it. Cassete Tape is not found by Sony, company owned by Philip Electronics. But that successfully developed and membundling portable model as a product during the boom years are tens Akio Morita, founder and CEO of Sony at that time. Until 1995, recorded more than 300 models.

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