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MBG visit to the workshop in Yogyakarta, make them famous drag race car and often can change the order of the position of the slope angle valve motor. There, there Flowbench brand Superflow type 110 to measure the results of ported cylinder head. Some learn to use Superflow Widodo assistance through the service so that the tool made usa. More interesting are again using the manual gauge the velocity gas fuel. But still only Coy, he said only certain people can know. In the chapter explains the forms of 4.0 and perforated large isap ideal. In order to obtain, maximum flow of gas fuel. Special to isap Intake or hole with a supply carburettor or injection system.

Obviously, Venturi size or snout karbu valve he meters of 0.85. For 4-stroke motorcycle Indonesia hard in this search. The result certainly small. For the primary basis for motor racing, which is used to duck into a street market.
However, the regulations can be used as a benchmark. If the duck 110 cc direct plug carburettor 24. Duck 125 cc live caplok karbu 28 mm. Easy, huh?
Live pit manifold. Described as the diameter of the valve. The amount will be equal to the hole at the top of the cylinder head. The third no longer the wane. 0.85 times the he meters of the valve (0.85 D). Example duck valve 125 cc of new regulations valve 31 mm. So, 0.85 x 31 = 26.35 mm. This position he was 12 mm in the sitting valve (valve holder).

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