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Dilisting ahead first. Brother have Karisma Honda 125, Shogun 125, Honda Fit Supra, Supra X 125, 110 and Smash please Kymco Cevira exchange of information concerning the switch sein. Although different factories, the switch sein motorcycle was exactly the same. So, if there is a problem and effectively buy the switch in accordance brand goods, but again was, able to guard nci other shops go the switch. A live sein switch brands and types of motorcycles above.

Detail some experience, the switch sein Honda Karisma was difficult in the shop. Supra with other property, Smash or Shogun. At the same goods. To the original written or Toyo Denso Japan Toyo Denso in the Honda-owned or SGP (Suzuki Genuine Part). There are also other brands like Boramtek. Em-Plus dismantle uncover one of the motor to prove. So that the example Suzuki Shogun 125. Once opened, there is a socket holder to three feet before the switch. When tested, the device Karisma, Smash exactly the same as the property of Shogun.

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