High Lift Valves

Questions higher valve lift was also discussed MOTOR Plus. However, when it is still good in the local valve spring that has not been strong. Finally, take the safe way to know the distance per-free play. Still there could be a benchmark strangle the guide Superflow it. "High lift valve affect the flow of gas fuel in the engine," said Widodo, the operator Superflow of MBG Racing Team in Yogyakarta.
Using Superflow, can be seen on the table for several different lifts. Of course, based on experiments and measurements. Machinery most daily high valve lift taken safely, and tour around 0.25 (d = he meters of the valve). To taken extreme racing machine. Ranged from 0.30 x 0.35 x d, or d. If the Yamaha Jupiter Z-110 application valve he meters 27 mm in width. Lifts are. can in reaction about 27 x 0.3 = 8.1 mm. High, huh?

From the results of measurement can be seen Superflow table. The ideal number should be the highest cfm 27 x 0.35 = 9.45 mm. However, it seems difficult to reach sizable numbers of the elevator. Many of the need to be considered. As spring resilience. Distance play free spring and violence by themselves. If the elevator exceedingly high spring baseball strong or even loyo. The problem is complex.

According to Benny Djatiutomo from Star Motor Jakarta, many factors must be taken. Can be hard to caplok per strong. However, the risk of grit and high energy engine is reduced. Likewise, according to Tommy Huang had a breaking-per-up to Taiwan. He said tolerably difficult to reach the elevator 9 mm. Since the spring, which is too short and that baseball strong. Finally, the man is looking glasses safe, fix the elevator Karisma Honda team BRT (Start Racing Team) 6 mm.

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