4-way Ported Volumetric Efficiency

International expressed the efficiency of mechanical start racing. As the final kejurnas in Indonesia 2005 motor race in Sentul, two weeks ago. Mechanics who can fish a number of International efficient, is chaperon making a national champion.

According to Ibn Sambodo, efiseinsi the gasoline-air mixture that can enter into the cylinder. To get the 100 percent figure is difficult. Many of the factors that support. As the diameter of the umbrella valve, ported, carburettor and exhaust.

Questions karbu, umbrella and exhaust valve width, local mechanics have been many who know. "Living ported that have not played," said Ibn. Its first is that many pairs of throttle wide situation but the motor can not gallop. As the cylinder heads TDR. Isap and dispose of the valve is large. But it is only the motor roads in place. Finally, the switch again with the valve head and standards. At the end of last kejurnas ported that fit. Bang Jay (Zaenudin), mechanical Yonk Jaya Motor in Bandung to improve the performance of the cylinder head of TDR. "Ported isap hole and dispose of movable," said Jay Bang Wahyu Widodo the lead is offset Jupiter-Z woolfmother 'Duck' Krisdianto in Sentul.

Ported by Jay handicap widened the hole and discard. "According to the book Four Stroke Perpormace Tuning, works of A. Graham Bell, the 80 percent of the diameter of the valve, "said Ibn.

However, the 80 percent is not binding. "Mechanical own that must feel the change," said Ibn. Of course, based on guesswork. As the Bang Jay. Mr Jay also accelerate the flow of fuel-water space towards the cylinder. How to raise the position of the valve. Throttle valve and sitting up. "So the cylinder head can dipapas thinkers and compression can be great," said Jay Bang.

How to accelerate the flow rate of gas fuel also applied Benny fib Jupiter in Djatiutomo woolfmother Krisdianto and H. Ichal. Intake manifold how holder in the cylinder head flat. The large number flat about 4 mm. Enough.

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