Foreign science ported (one) = cfm Fuel Gas Flow

CFM is still a foreign term in the ear of local mechanics. This is not science-4-import obtained the mechanics to study abroad. "This means that the gas flow velocity at hole handicap fuel and dispose of. First cfm (Cubic Feet Minute), "a mechanical cfm know the name but called averse.

Already it specializes. Mechanical special study abroad, namely Benny Djatiutomo to Sweden. Huang punto or to Australia<. Beny Star Motor mechanics, Jakarta and the inventor punto CDI Cibinong.

Cfm units in the UK. If the metric units m3. Or cc / sec. To measure the cfm must use a tool called flowbenches or language it flowmeter. Cfm very large number means. The larger the cfm will be obtained horsepower the sky. "Numbers cfm said most high. Then follow kem, and compression ignition, "said the source sesumbar not want it. Cfm Two figures from the hole handicap and dispose. To know a certain point in the flow sensors are. Then water flow. But sensors will get the signal that the water velocity speed.

To get the big cfm, ported handicap hole and must dispose really good. Many other factors that also affect. Such as bending angle or manifold, the form and rust hole, large umbrella and the valve stem. And the mouth of the valve and a fuel. Key personnel located at the head of the cylinder. In accordance with the comments Scott Crouse, author of the website Chevy High Performance. He said this is the case, the key to get the horse power depends on the cylinder head. The shape of the hole (handicap and dispose), the flow of fuel to gas cylinders and outside the cylinder.

When the clean engine, the cylinder head first . handicap flow hole and dispose of improvement. Next to take the workshop have flow meters. Specializes in large flow cfm. To convert the unit or HP dk live multiplied. Simple formula, namely: HP = 0.256 x cfm From much, Yamaha Jupiter-Z race woolfmother Krisdianto around 65 cfm. Yes, then the power can be sought. Living 0.256 multiplied. The result 16.64 dk (HP). According to beny, dynotest obtained from 18 dk. Can be greater than 2 dk, for ignition, compression and Media support. If the factor is not good, decreased also down about 2 dk. So, it's easy to actually achieve greater horsepower. I live my life ported to the truth.

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