What's wrong with my blog?

What's wrong with my blog
Hi friends how are you? hopefully you guys are always in good condition. For this post I want to tell you about my journey in becoming a blogger. Yes I am an unemployed job only pacing in front of my laptop, sometimes I go to eat food even though sometimes forgotten, so I am, sometimes I forget to shower and brush my teeth. Yes this is me.

I am a blogger who do not understand what a blog, which I know that blogs can make money if we understand how it works. Yes I also never received money from blogging when it was first in 2009. When I got it from reviewme.com that is paid per post.

After that I was down for for the blog, for some reason I am so lazy to blog. until 2 weeks ago wants to come back and blogging that I happened to meet with the teacher my first blog, he is a blogger too and even he is a player adsense. I so have the energy and enthusiasm again and my blogs and then immediately activated.

Since my blogs are old age, so I was not too difficult for activation, even in 1 to 2 days my blog has had visitors quite a lot. Until finally my blog already have adsense account. 2 weeks passed, this blog has many visitors to reach 14.000/day, up to within 2 weeks I already generate $ 70 more than one blog. Yes this is good income for a new blogger.

What's wrong with my blog?
But somehow this blog suddenly this morning did not have visitors from google search, although I remember I did not make a fatal violation. Up to now I still wonder "what have I done?" Friends may be able to give a solution for me!

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