Luxury Cars Destroyed worth 8 Billion renovated

Luxury Cars Destroyed worth 8 Billion renovated
Luxury cars destroyed by the collision worth 528 thousand pounds or approximately USD 8 Billion mulaidirenovasi back at its plant in Modena, Italy. Repairs to cost more than half the price of the car. Thus released site The Telegraph, Wednesday (24 / 3).

According to the source site, the luxury sports car Pagani Zonda S suffered heavy damage due to hit the telegraph pole and a fence, while the driver held a trial along rural roads Abeerden September. Then the test driver's insurance claim. Meanwhile, a spokesman for the insurance firm Aviva said would improve the car even though heavily damaged.

Estimated repair cost of 300,000 pounds or approximately USD 4.5 billion and is expected to be completed in May. Aviva reveals Zonda car repair is one of the highest claim ever paid for a client in the UK. Pagani factory annually produces only 10 Zondas per year. Cars coated carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum aircraft, capable of speeds driven up to 220 miles per hour or about 355 Kilometres per hour.

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